Sunday, November 17, 2013

SimGe – A Tool for Developing HLA Object Models

This is my first post on the simulation and simulator engineering blog. And, I would like to introduce you a free High Level Architecture (HLA) federation object model editor, called SimGe. Simulation Generator (SimGe) is a fully-dressed High Level Architecture (HLA) object model editor and a code generator that is intended to generate code automatically for HLA based distributed simulations.
Currently, SimGe has the following abilities: FOM Development, Code Generation, and Report Generation. FOM development supports HLA 1.3 and IEEE 1516-2010 standards. It has an object editor that allows the user to manage the object model and enables the creation and modification of HLA object model template and object models and the import and export of the HLA related files (i.e. HLA 1.3 Federation Execution Details (FED), HLA 1516-2010 Federation Object Model (FOM) Document Data (FDD)), which contains configuration data for the federation execution. Its code generator generates object model and application federate classes in C# for Microsoft .NET Framework. The target platform for code generation is an HLA Runtime infrastructure (RTI) abstraction layer called RTI abstraction component for .NET (RACoN). The architecture of the generated code by SimGe conforms to the layered architectural style. Report generator is employed to generate HLA OMT documentation and the generated report can easily be exported in pdf or word format.
SimGe is a research and an academic tool that is not intended for a production environment. It is mainly developed as a lab tool for a graduate level distributed simulation course. The students in mind, SimGe comes with a well-written user manual. So, the user may easily learn how to use the tool. Of course, the user must have an introductory-level HLA background. SimGe also includes a sample federation project: Chat Federation. Chat is an HLA based distributed interactive application that provides basic chatting functionalities such as selecting a nickname, entering a chat room, and so on. Although Chat application is not a simulation, it is a good and short example to give the basic essence of federation object modeling. SimGe also maintains a User’s Forum (as a Google Group), where a forum member may ask technical questions, report bugs, and request new features or feature enhancements.
You can easily download SimGe standalone installation file, User Manual, and Architecture Book from SimGe website: SimGe is released regularly. So, don’t forget to check its website. Or you can follow SimGe twitter account (@OTOT_SimGe) for new releases.


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