Friday, July 31, 2015

DeCoAgent Framework

DeCoAgent Framework provides all the tools, the process, and the formalism to prototype an agent-based simulation, where the cognitive model of the agent is factored out and can be obtained by a strategic and authoritative source such as a command and control (C2) system. Framework serves as a rapid agent-based simulation prototyping for C2 systems if they are C-BML (Coalition Battle Management Language) friendly. The framework includes the programming libraries for agent implementation; various generators to automatize and accelerate the development; the metamodels to formalize the domain models and rules; and a graphical modeling environment for the domain user. It is also intended that the (military) autonomous vehicles may act on the military orders issued both to manned and unmanned units.From the technical perspective, the framework adopts the Model Driven Engineering (MDE) approach to facilitate tool support for agent-based simulation development. In this respect, it employs C-BML as source model and automatically transform it to a cognitive model, which is used by agents for decision making at run time. In order to do that it uses the Microsoft Modeling SDK known as MS DSL Tools. Currently, some of the tools are deployed in the project web site. I am waiting for more to come, soon :)