Sunday, February 21, 2016

Distributed Simulation - A Model Driven Engineering Approach

We are so excited! The authors of this blog, Okan and I, together with Halit Oguztuzun and Levent Yilmaz, have written a new book, which seems to be the first book on distributed simulation that presents a model-driven engineering approach. We hope that you will like it. Distributed Simulation – A Model Driven Engineering Approach
In 2002 Andreas Tolk started the discussion with his paper Avoiding another Green Elephant - A Proposal for the Next Generation HLA based on the Model Driven Architecture.  He claimed that the MDA will influence the future of simulation, and it did.  Since then, we, the modelling and simulation community, have been working hard to investigate, develop and employ model-driven methodologies for the engineering of simulation systems. The second milestone to mention here is surely 2011 when Andrea D'Ambrogio started organizing the International Workshop on Model-Driven Approaches for Simulation Engineering (Mod4Sim). This year, Andrea and I are organizing  it for the sixth time. 

In this book we try to demonstrate the utility and effectiveness of model-driven approaches in developing distributed simulations. We start with summarizing the foundations of model-driven engineering and High Level Architecture (HLA). Then, making use of IEEE 1730 -2010, Recommended Practice for Distributed Simulation Engineering and Execution Process (DSEEP), we are introducing the steps of distributed simulation engineering with promoting model-driven methodologies. We are not only providing application hints for practitioners but also addressing some research directions for the research community. We refer a wide range of concepts, technologies and methodologies from the model-driven world. There are various examples that we employ metamodeling, model transformations, code generation, model-based testing, model refactoring, EMF, ECORE; ATL, QVT, KDM, MoDisco and many others. With this book, we hope, we can help boosting the interest about model-driven methodologies in simulation and simulator engineering community.